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Banquet Supplies

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  • Chafing Fuel - 2.5 Hours-72 pc


  • Chafing Fuel - 4 Hours | 24 Units


  • Chafing Fuel - 6 Hours | 24 Units


  • Round  Professional 14 inch Tray, Black

    mychefaid Round Professional 14 inch Tray, Black

    COMMERCIAL GRADE NON-SLIP - The top and sides are coated in a rubber-like material that clings to glasses and dinnerware for a reliable grip. DURABLE - This tray is made of durable yet lightweight plastic so that it remains easy to carry without bending under heavy plates. TEMPERATURE - Its rugged design is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a fine choice for carrying hot plates of steamy food or hot mugs of coffee.



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